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As a MNsure-certified assister, you will likely encounter the need to help consumers to provide some form of proof (verification) before they can proceed to the next step.

The areas where verification is frequently required are listed below.

Assister portal users: Verifications cannot be submitted or viewed in the assister portal.

Account Creation

Individual users must complete identity proofing to create a MNsure online account.

See Creating Accounts section for resource links to frequently used forms and guides.

Identity Verification Documents

A consumer must submit a valid copy of ONE of the following documents:

  • Current US driver’s license issued by state or territory
  • Government-issued identification card or passport
  • Military dependent’s identification card
  • Native American tribal document
  • U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner card
  • U.S. military card or draft record
  • Voter registration card
  • Permanent Resident Card

If a consumer does not have a document from the above list, they must submit a valid copy of TWO of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Divorce decree
  • Employer identification card
  • High school or college diploma (including high school equivalency diploma)
  • Marriage certificate
  • Property deed or title
  • Social Security card
  • School identification card (with photograph and name)
  • Arrival / Departure Record (Form I-94 / I-94A)
  • Order of Supervision (ICE Form I-220A and I-220B)
  • Notice to Report (Form I-385)
  • Notice to Appear (Form I-862)
  • Record of Deportable and Inadmissible Alien (Form I-213)

Note: Identity verification documents issued by non-US government entities may result in a delay of processing as additional time is needed to review them.

Documents that cannot be used to verify a consumer’s identity:

  • Consular ID or ID issued by a country other than the United States
  • ID cards (other than driver’s licenses) issued by a U.S. territory
  • Tax returns
  • Credit cards

Application Changes and Verify Eligibility

Many times verification documents are required prior to the processing of application changes. If an application change requires verification documents, MNsure will send the consumer a notice which will include a list of acceptable documents.

A consumer may be required to verify information on their application that cannot be verified through electronic resources. The consumer has 90 days to submit the documentation. In most cases, they are already enrolled, but if the documentation is not received they may lose their coverage. The consumer will receive a notice with the heading “Action Required: Documentation Needed."

These types of verification documents can be submitted to MNsure in the following ways:

Special Enrollment Period

All SEPs require some kind of proof (verification). Some SEPs allow verifications to be submitted after SEP eligibility has been determined. Other SEPs need “pre-verification.”

Before submitting verifications, assisters should first follow the steps outlined on the Special Enrollment Period page to confirm whether the consumer is eligible for a SEP.

If verification documents are submitted using the new SEP upload tool (or SEPUP tool): Assisters will need to wait at least ten minutes and then can contact the ARC/Broker Service line to have verification documents reviewed/approved.

  • If verification documents are accepted/approved, the ARC/Broker Service Line will open shopping and enrollment for the consumers special enrollment period while live on the call.
  • If the documentation is not accepted/approved, the ARC/Broker Service Line will advise next steps.

If verification documents are mailed in the consumer will be contacted and assisters will receive a secure email with next steps.

Tips for Uploading Supporting Documentation

  • The Documentation Upload site cannot be used for cases that are public-program-only.
  • The upload site can only be used for QHP and mixed-eligibility household cases.
  • Important: be sure to follow the proper method for uploading verification documents.

Guide for Uploading Supporting Documentation

Supporting Documentation Upload Site

Verification Documentation Cover Sheet

MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance

To obtain or maintain eligibility for a public program, assisters may need to submit verification documents. These documents should be sent to the consumer's servicing agency.

  • Assisters and consumers should follow guidance on the notice to see what documents are acceptable proof for the verification requested. MNsure is unable to determine if a document is acceptable over the phone.
  • The consumer should send in the verification documentation being requested to the address listed on their verification notice.
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