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Agent of Record Reminder

1/19/2018 1:23:37 PM

Now that open enrollment is over it is important to take a look at your list of MNsure clients and do a quick review of your /assister-central/broker-one-stop/policy-procedures/agent-of-record-report.jspagent of record reports to make sure you are associated with the primary enrollee of the health plan. This is important to ensure the agent of record (AOR) is sent to the carrier under the correct consumer enrollment file. While there is a six-month window to submit an AOR, it is best to submit AORs for your new consumer enrollments as soon as possible. 

Agent of Record Methods of Submission

MNsure’s enrollment records show that some brokers are entering their assister portal Reference ID information into Appendix C of consumer enrollment applications. Please be sure that one the two following methods of agent of record (AOR) submission have been used as data from the Appendix C portion of the application is not transmitted to the carrier.

There are two methods for brokers to submit AORs to MNsure:
  1. Assister Portal Association - Preferred Method
    MNsure has an assister portal that assigns a unique reference number to each broker to use for AOR associations. To gain access and obtain a reference number the /assister-central/broker-one-stop/cert-recert/training-access/index.jsprequired training must be completed. Once the training is completed an account is created by MNsure and a series of emails will guide you in activating your account. The /assister-central/assister-portal/index.jspassister portal has information on how to gain access to the portal, get a reference number, or associate with a consumer through their MNsure account.
    If you already have completed assister portal training, and have a MNsure reference number, please review our step-by-step guide, "/help/find-assister/manage-assister.jspHow to Manage Your Assister," which can also be found in the /assister-central/assister-portal/resources-portal/index.jspResources section in assister portal.
  2. Online Agent of Record
    MNsure has an online agent of record form as well as a new policy posted on Broker One Stop. The form can be found on the /assister-central/broker-one-stop/forms-guides/index.jspForms and Guides page and the policy can be found on the /assister-central/broker-one-stop/policy-procedures/index.jspPolicies and Procedures page. This form should only be used if the consumer is unable to enter your assister portal reference number into their MNsure account.

AOR Resources

  • Additional information and FAQs about the /assister-central/assister-portal/index.jspassister portal
  • MNsure electronic /assister-central/broker-one-stop/forms-guides/index.jspAgent of Record form and additional information



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