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Report Application Changes

Private health plan enrollees (private plans are also known as qualified health plans or QHPs), need to report any changes that impact enrollment in their plan and any changes that impact their eligibility for premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions, if they applied for financial assistance.

Private plan enrollees must report changes within 30 days of the date of the change. Reported changes may affect eligibility: see Rights and Responsibilities.

You can assist individuals to report their changes using one of our online forms or by calling the ARC or Broker Line. Please read carefully the types of changes you can report online before you start.

Online Report Forms

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How to Use the Online Report Forms

Report Changes Online or by Phone?

Life event Real time processing on phone Report using online form Report by phone
Adding a household member No Yes No
Address change Yes, if the event has happened No No
American Indian/Native status Yes No No
Citizenship correction No No Yes
Date of birth correction Yes No No
Death No No Yes
Divorce No No Yes
Gain of ESI/MEC Yes, if the event has happened No Yes, if the event is in the future
Loss of ESI/MEC Yes, if the event has happened Yes, if the event is in the future No
Gender correction Yes No No
Income change No Yes No
Name correction Yes No No
Phone or email correction Yes No No
Pregnancy Yes No No
Remove a household member No No Yes
State residency Yes No No
Tax filer status No Yes No
Tobacco status Yes No No
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