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Plan Lookup Tool

Information Needed to Use the Plan Lookup Tool

  • The ZIP code and county where you lived for each month of 2016 that you had coverage in a private health plan (also known as a qualified health plan or QHP). If you moved from one county to another during 2016, you need to look for the second lowest cost silver plan (SLCSP) premium in each county you lived in for the months you were there.
  • The birth date of each member of your coverage family. Your coverage family includes everyone in your family who was enrolled in a private health plan through MNsure, but excludes those family members who had access to other minimum essential coverage during the tax year. Individuals who have access to other minimum essential coverage are not eligible for the premium tax credit. The number of people in your coverage family may have changed from month to month. If any member of your family had access to or was enrolled in other minimum essential coverage for any month, do not include that person in your coverage family when looking up the SLCSP premium for that month. For more information on minimum essential coverage and who can take the premium tax credit see IRS instructions for Form 8962 (PDF).

How to Use the Plan Lookup Tool

Follow the steps below to find the second lowest cost silver plan (SLCSP) that applies to you.

  1. Open the Plan Lookup Tool
  2. Click the Start button in the lower right of screen.
  3. Enter the ZIP code where you live.
  4. If asked, enter the County where you live.
  5. Enter the Date when your coverage began or if you are looking up SLCSP for a month your family experienced a change, then enter the first date of the month you experienced the change.
  6. Enter the Date of Birth for each person covered in your household on the policy and choose No for Tobacco Use even if that person uses tobacco. Tobacco use cannot be used in this premium calculation. In most cases, you will enter the date of birth of each person listed on your Form 1095-A. Do not enter members of your coverage family who had access to other minimum essential coverage.
  7. Click the Submit button on the lower right.
  8. On the next screen click Skip to Plans link on the lower left.
  9. You will be on the plan results page where you can sort by Monthly Premium.
  10. Scroll down the list to silver plans and find the silver plan with the second lowest premium (NOTE: This is the second silver plan listed if you sorted by Monthly Premium.) You can view the SLCSP premium for each member of your coverage family by clicking on Family Cost Breakdown.
  11. Print a copy of the plan results page that shows the premium for the SLCSP. You may want a copy of this for your records.

Additional Information

For tax-related questions consult a tax specialist or visit the IRS website.

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