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Find Free Help Near You

MNsure-certified brokers and navigators (assisters) provide free enrollment help through virtual meetings, phone appointments or in-person meetings.

After enrolling, your assister can continue to act on your behalf by submitting changes to your account, helping you understand notices, walking you through a renewal, and more.

Assister Directory

Enrollment Events

Find enrollment events near you. Search by your location, languages offered, and more.

Help from a Broker

Brokers can help you create an account, apply and enroll. They can also give you advice about picking a plan.

Help from a Navigator

Navigators can help you create an account, apply and enroll in a plan. They specialize in MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance enrollment. Some navigators are certified to help individuals apply for an insulin assistance program.

How to Manage Your Assister

How to give a MNsure-certified assister permission to submit an application or enroll in a plan for you.

Managing an Assister FAQ

Frequently asked questions about having an assister act on your behalf.

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