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In 2007, Ed left the security of his full-time job to open up his own business: Ed's (No Name) Bar in Winona. Following his career dream meant giving up employer-sponsored health insurance. For the past seven years, Ed has been uninsured, and that finally caught up with him.

"After an illness this winter I realized I need to apply on MNsure," said Ed. "My out-of-pocket health costs without insurance were quickly adding up."

Ed was able to apply through MNsure and was surprised at the level of coverage he found.

"I qualified for MinnesotaCare and my premiums are an affordable $25 a month," said Ed. "I was worried after exploring the private market that I'd have to decide between my mortgage payment or health insurance."

Ed says MNsure helped him feel much more secure about his health and his financial future.

"It's a liberating feeling to know that if an accident or serious illness occurs I wouldn't have to sacrifice my business or my home to pay medical bills."

Photograph of  Ed
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