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Julie is a self-employed massage therapist in Harmony and has been paying for health insurance completely out-of-pocket for years.

More than twenty years ago, Julie lost her husband to cancer. She was left to raise two young children on her own. With one of her children suffering from a severe physical disability, going without health insurance was not an option. "My monthly insurance payment is more than my mortgage payment," Julie explains. "I could find cheaper plans but my deductible would skyrocket and my coverage would suffer."

Julie anticipated that through MNsure, she would find a health insurance policy that is affordable and gives her the coverage she needs. By using the MNsure cost calculator, it appears that savings are coming her way. "This is going to put hundreds of dollars back in my pocket each month," said an excited Julie.

MNsure is the place for Julie to find coverage that will fit her budget needs.

Photograph of  Julie
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