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Karla held a COBRA policy with her former employer in 2013. The policy cost her $580/month.

Anticipating the end of her COBRA coverage, Karla began contacting insurance companies to compare plans and costs. Little did she know that her pre-existing conditions made her uninsurable at the time.

"I consider myself a healthy person," said Karla. "They said I was uninsurable because I'm on too many medications."

Karla now considers the denial a blessing, because through MNsure, she will be able to purchase a comparable health insurance policy for $178/month, thanks to an advanced premium tax credit only available on MNsure. The difference in cost will save Karla more than $400 each month.

"I am going to save a lot of money. It was really good timing for me."

As of 2014, people like Karla cannot be turned down or charged more for pre-existing conditions. Advanced premium tax credits are only available through MNsure.

Photograph of  Karla
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