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As a 29-year-old young invincible, Nick has struggled with getting quality health insurance coverage.

"I worked for a large retailer and was offered insurance benefits, but I had to pay a lot of out of pocket for my services and a lot was being taken out of my check every week," said Nick.

Nick left that job and became an independent contractor. That meant he no longer had employer-sponsored health insurance, and needed to purchase his own policy, so he decided to check out MNsure, "not just because the government is saying you have to have it now, but because anything can happen at any time and you want to be covered."

Nick was able to find a gold level policy that offers the coverage he is looking for.

"It's there for the unexpected life events you're not planning for. As long as you're paying your premiums those unexpected events can be taken care of."

Photograph of  Nick
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