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Ying is 61 years old and lives in Brooklyn Center. Working part-time and earning very little, Ying has not had health insurance for the past four years.

Ying attended a MNsure enrollment event hosted by Hmong American Partnership. The Hmong speaking staff were able to walk him though the MNsure application, which determined he was eligible for Medical Assistance. Ying is happy that he now has health insurance so he can go to the hospital with peace of mind and doesn't have to worry about paying too much.

Ying is also happy that there are Hmong partners who speak his language and helped complete his application for him. Without that help, Ying says he would not know how to complete the application because he doesn't speak much English and has no computer knowledge.

MNsure has more than 2,000 community partners across the state, many specializing in specific populations, ready to help people navigate the MNsure application and find comprehensive, affordable health insurance coverage.

Photograph of  Ying
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