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1. Enrollment Dashboard

Your enrollment dashboard gives you access to your enrollment and eligibility information all in one place, with next steps, enrollment countdown, a private inbox and access to shopping and enrollment.

Enrollment Status

The medical and dental plans for your household will be displayed once you complete enrollment, with an option to view the plan details. You'll see the enrollment status next to each plan:

  • Complete or Enrolled: you are enrolled in the plan, no further action is needed. MNsure has received the premium payment confirmation from the insurance company.  
  • Pending: you are enrolled in the plan but have not paid the first month's premium to the insurance company or MNsure has not yet received confirmation of the payment. If you sent a payment and but you see the pending status, call your insurance company to verify payment was received.

Your enrollment history shows plans you have enrolled in (starting in 2020). If you cancel or disenroll from a plan, this status will display in your enrollment history.

Actions from Your Dashboard 

Other Sections on Your Dashboard 

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My Eligibility History

At the top of the My Eligibility page is your eligibility information for private plan coverage through MNsure.

This page has links to other information and actions described below:

Plan Summary - My Plan Details

The "Plan Summary" button opens the My Plan Details page, which displays more details about your household's plan.

Demographic and Household Information

This page includes basic demographic information like names, address, phone number, birth date, and summary of reported changes.

If you need to update information on this page, use the Report a Change link and follow the instructions.

My Enrollments

The information here is the same as you see on the My Eligibility History page. You can:

  • View benefit details
  • Cancel or disenroll from coverage
  • See past enrollments (2020 and going forward)

My Inbox

This inbox is where you can find notices that have information about shopping and enrollment. 

Depending on the notice, you may receive a copy in the mail as well. Notices here will also be available in Notifications section of your account eligibility home page.

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