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MNsure Enrolls 100,000 Minnesotans in Quality, Affordable Health Insurance

2/21/2014 10:14:43 AM


CONTACT: Jenni Bowring-McDonough
Media Relations Coordinator

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Today MNsure announced that more than 100,000 Minnesotans have enrolled in quality, affordable health insurance through the state's new insurance marketplace. MNsure is working to enroll thousands more Minnesotans in coverage before open enrollment concludes on March 31, 2014. Today's new milestone highlights the progress MNsure has made to significantly improve its performance, and the services it provides to Minnesota consumers.

"With the help of MNsure, more than 100,000 individuals and families now have the quality health insurance they need at prices they can afford," said MNsure interim Chief Executive Officer Scott Leitz. "Every Minnesotan enrolled in MNsure now has access to preventive care at no cost for things like immunizations and cancer screenings, and has the peace of mind that comes with knowing they won't lose everything if they get sick or injured."

Leitz also emphasized that despite the disappointing performance of MNsure early on, Minnesota's health insurance exchange has significantly improved, and offers an undeniable valuable service to people who want and need affordable health coverage.

Over the past eight weeks, the website and customer services have shown steady improvements, allowing more and more Minnesotans to enroll in affordable coverage. Website errors have declined from a high of 17 percent last fall to approximately five percent, and customer experience continues to improve as MNsure has brought in a surge of new Contact Center staff to offer personalized assistance to Minnesotans enrolling in health insurance. This week's Contact Center wait times averaged between one and five minutes - in late December call wait times averaged an hour or more.

As the March 31 deadline approaches for people to have health insurance or face a financial penalty under the federal Affordable Care Act, Leitz encouraged Minnesotans to visit to find, choose, and enroll in quality, affordable health insurance.

"Now is the time to visit MNsure, and let us help you get the quality health insurance you need at a price you, your family, or your business can afford," Leitz said.

Total enrollments break out as follows:

  • 31,088 Minnesotans selected private health plans;
  • 21,574 Minnesotans enrolled in MinnesotaCare; and
  • 48,682 Minnesotans enrolled in Medical Assistance (MA).
  • 101,344 total enrollments

For more information about MNsure or to create an account and shop online for health insurance, visit MNsure also continues to offer a manual enrollment option for anyone who runs into problems with the online marketplace.

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