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MNsure Offers Enrollment Opportunity for Minnesotans Newly Eligible for Financial Help Due to Decrease in Income

5/12/2020 10:03:01 AM


ST. PAUL, Minn.—Starting May 11, 2020, MNsure is offering an ongoing special enrollment period for Minnesotans who experience a decrease in household income and become newly eligible for advanced premium tax credits (APTC). Those looking to enroll will need to have had health insurance that meets the standards in the Affordable Care Act, also known as /new-customers/apply/prepare/mec.jspminimum essential coverage (MEC), for one or more days in the 60 days immediately preceding their decrease in household income.

Minnesotans must act within 60 days after they experience a decrease in household income to be eligible.

“If you were enrolled in a health insurance plan outside of MNsure and your income has decreased, you may be eligible to enroll in a plan through MNsure and qualify for tax credits to help cover the cost of your health insurance,” said MNsure CEO Nate Clark. “Don’t delay if you’re in that situation. Give us a call, or visit today to see if you qualify for this enrollment opportunity.”

Eligible Minnesotans will need to verify both the date of the decrease in their household income, and that they had minimum essential coverage for at least one day during the 60 days prior to their decrease in income before being able select a plan. Coverage start dates are based on the plan selection date.

Specific information regarding /new-customers/enrollment-deadlines/special-enrollment/sep-le/off-plan/index.jspwho qualifies, plans available and verifications can be found on

Who else can enroll now?

Minnesotans who have recently /new-customers/enrollment-deadlines/special-enrollment/sep-le/lost-coverage/index.jsplost or will lose insurance through their employer may also qualify for a special enrollment period to enroll in a plan through MNsure. To enroll, individuals must contact MNsure and pick a plan within 60 days of losing employer coverage. To avoid a gap in coverage, Minnesotans can contact MNsure up to 60 days in advance of their employer’s plan ending to begin the enrollment process. This special enrollment period is available year-round to qualifying individuals.

Minnesotans who experience another /new-customers/enrollment-deadlines/special-enrollment/sep-le/index.jspqualifying life event (such as marriage, birth or adoption of a child, or a move) may also be eligible to shop for coverage.

Finally, low- or no-cost coverage is available through /financial-help/ma-mncare/index.jspMedical Assistance and MinnesotaCare for those who qualify. Enrollment in these programs is open year-round and provides comprehensive coverage. Members of a federally recognized /new-customers/who-can-enroll/american-indians/index.jspAmerican Indian tribe can also sign up at any time year-round on

Help is available:

  • MNsure has a statewide network of /help/find-assister/index.jspexpert assisters who can help Minnesotans apply and enroll over the phone, free of charge.
  • MNsure's /help/contact-us/email-form.jsponline help tools can be used to access frequently requested services.
  • The MNsure Contact Center is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday, at 651-539-2099 or 855-366-7873.

MNsure is Minnesota's health insurance marketplace where individuals and families can shop, compare and choose health insurance coverage that meets their needs. MNsure is the only place you can apply for financial help to lower the cost of your monthly insurance premium and out-of-pocket costs. Most Minnesotans who enroll through MNsure qualify for financial help.

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