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Fraud Reporting

If you have concerns about any form of fraud, waste, abuse or ethical violations involving MNsure or, we want to know. You can tell us by filing a complaint, even if the events happened in the past. Concerns about general insurance fraud that do not involve MNsure or should be reported to the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

You do not have to provide your name or any other contact information when you file a fraud report or complaint. Without that information, however, we will not be able to let you know how your report or complaint was resolved. We would also be unable to consult with you about your claim. If you want to know the result of your complaint, please include your contact information.

To file a fraud report or complaint, call the MNsure anonymous complaints telephone line at 1-844-466-7873 or send a message to Please note that the operators taking your call at 1-844-466-7873 can only take your report. They do not have access to the MNsure IT system and cannot assist you with questions about your application or any technical difficulties you may be encountering. For questions about your application or to report technical difficulties, please call the MNsure Contact Center.

Information to Include in Your Complaint

About you (optional):

  • Name
  • Mailing address
  • Day and evening telephone numbers (tell us the preferred time to call)
  • Email address

About the situation:

  • Explain what you think was inappropriate.
  • Who was involved? Include names and positions, if you have them.
  • When (roughly) did the improper action(s) take place?
  • What law, rule, policy, or other standard do you think was violated?
  • What witnesses, documents, or other evidence do you have to support this claim? Please attach copies to your email.
  • Have you filed this allegation with another government office? If so, please tell us what actions that office took, if any.

Note to Members of the Public

Minnesota Statutes 13.392, Subd. 2 gives you certain protections on the privacy of your information.

Note to Minnesota State Employees

Minnesota Statutes 181.932 gives you certain protections for good faith reporting of violations of state and federal law.

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