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Basic Steps

The basics about creating an account, applying for, and enrolling in health coverage through MNsure.

Find free help

Find Free Local Help

Decide if you want free help from an enrollment expert near you. If so, make an appointment as soon as possible. If you want to “do it yourself” continue with the steps below. 

Can you save?

See if You Qualify for Financial Help

Use our cost estimate and plan comparison tool to see what type of financial help you might receive and to compare plans side by side. 

Be prepared

Be Prepared

Gather information you may need about the members of your household, such as Social Security numbers, income, and any health insurance available.

Create an account

Create an Account

Enter some basic information to verify your identity and select a user name and password so you can log in to MNsure. You will use this same account each time you renew or change your coverage. Use these step-by-step instructions to create your account.

Complete an application

Complete an Application

To see if you qualify for financial help choose "application WITH financial help". See our guide for applying WITH financial help

Choose "application WITHOUT financial help" if you don't want any financial help and prefer to pay full price for a plan. See our guide for applying WITHOUT financial help.

Enroll in a plan

Enroll in a Plan

Enrollment instructions are based on if you qualify for a private health plan, Medical Assistance (MA) or MinnesotaCare. If you are enrolling in a private plan, you can pick your plan online. If you are enrolling in either MA or MinnesotaCare, you will receive information from the Minnesota Department of Human Services. See our guide on how to enroll.

Pay your premium

Pay Your Premium

If you have a private plan, your insurance company will send you an invoice. If you have MinnesotaCare, the Minnesota Department of Human Services will bill you monthly. In either case, you must pay your first month premium for coverage to start.

Medical Assistance enrollees do not pay monthly premiums.

Need help?

Need Help?

If you need help at anytime during the application or enrollment process, you can call our Contact Center.

You can also get free in-person help from an assister near you. MNsure has a statewide network of expert assisters who can help you apply and enroll.

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