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Tax Credits

Tax credits can be used to lower your monthly premium costs of your health insurance plan. These are called advanced premium tax credits or APTC.

A tax credit is only available when you purchase private health insurance through MNsure. Tax credits may be applied to all individual plans except catastrophic plans.

See If You Qualify

To qualify for a tax credit, your household size and income has to meet certain limits. Get an idea of whether you qualify by doing any of the following:

To get a final determination on whether you qualify for a tax credit you'll need to apply through MNsure using an "application WITH financial help."

You can get free in-person help with your application: find an assister near you.

If You Qualify

If you qualify for a tax credit, you can choose one of two ways to receive it:

  1. In advance, to immediately lower your health plan premium each month. MNsure sends your tax credit directly to your insurance company. If at the end of the year you have received more APTC than you're due, you may have to pay money back when you file your federal income tax return. If you’ve taken less than you qualify for, you’ll get the difference back.
  2. Apply for it when you file your federal tax return.

How Much Tax Credit will I Get?

The amount of the credit is based in part on the premium for a standard plan in your area.

See answers to more frequently asked questions about financial help.

Other Financial Help

When you apply for financial help through MNsure, you may discover you qualify for cost-sharing reductions, or low-cost or no-cost insurance through MinnesotaCare or Medical Assistance.

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