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MNsure at 10

Since it was established on March 20, 2013, Minnesota’s health insurance marketplace has helped more Minnesotans than ever before get and stay covered with comprehensive health coverage.

At our 10-year anniversary, Minnesota’s health insurance marketplace has reason to celebrate: a record of successfully delivering benefits to Minnesota families. MNsure has matured in operational efficiency and customer service and has achieved record enrollment while delivering nearly $2 billion in health care cost savings to Minnesotans.

MNsure at 10. 2013-2023


We are proud of our ten years of service to Minnesotans.

  • Over 1 million private plan sign-ups. Since 2013, Minnesotans have used MNsure to sign up for over 1 million private health insurance plans, and hundreds of thousands of residents have used MNsure to apply for public health coverage through Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare each year.
  • Nearly $2 billion in health care savings for Minnesotans. MNsure has delivered over $1.9 billion in tax credits that lower the cost of premiums. Through MNsure, Minnesotans saved over $267 million on their health insurance costs in 2022 alone.
  • Minnesota’s uninsured rate has been cut in half. Together with our 2,000+ certified navigator and broker partners, MNsure has played an important role in reducing the statewide uninsured rate from 8.2% in 2013 to a recent record low of 4%.
  • MNsure is Minnesota’s trusted source for finding health coverage today. Sign-ups for private health plans during MNsure’s open enrollment periods have increased by over 11% since 2018. More Minnesotans come to the marketplace to choose coverage as they learn about the benefits of doing so, including free application and enrollment help from our broker and navigator partners and access to financial help that isn’t available anywhere else.

Through MNsure, Minnesotans have gained health coverage without lifetime limits or discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, among other consumer protections. Minnesotans have access to essential health benefits including emergency services, hospitalization, and mental health care – not to mention a host of preventive care services like mammograms, flu shots, and diabetes screenings.

Over the next year, in celebration of MNsure’s 10-year anniversary, we will highlight these successes and the important partnerships with our broker and navigator community that make it possible.

BackgroundGovernor Dayton signs legislation creating MNsure, pictured with the bill's chief authors Sen. Tony Lourey and Rep. Joe Atkins.

On March 20, 2013, Governor Dayton signed House File 5 (HS5/SF1) into law, officially establishing a state-based health insurance marketplace for Minnesotans. Creating MNsure was a key step toward implementing the Affordable Care Act in our state and essential to ensuring more Minnesotans have access to affordable, comprehensive coverage.

The road to the bill signing was filled with extensive stakeholder input and debate. Countless hours and a wealth of knowledge was dedicated in the early planning stages by numerous individuals who served on the Advisory Task Force, Technical Work Groups and Inter-Agency Committees. At the legislature, the House and Senate bills were introduced by State Representative Joe Atkins (DFL - Inver Grove Heights) and State Senator Tony Lourey (DFL - Kerrick). The bills passed through 18 committees, had more than 150 amendments proposed and received 90+ hours of debate.

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