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How to Use the Estimator Tools

How to use the estimator tools to shop and compare plans and get estimates on your potential savings for 2021 plans.

Step 1: Estimate your household’s income as a percent of the federal poverty level (FPL)

Estimate your household’s income as a percent of the federal poverty level or “FPL” using the new benefits estimator.

Open the new benefits estimator and enter your information.

The estimator’s Results screen will display your estimated FPL.

  • If your FPL is 400% or below, open the MNsure plan comparison tool: enter the required household information and your household income; click through the remaining screens following the instructions. On the plan results screen you'll see estimated premiums for 2021 plans available to you.
  • If your FPL is above 400% go to Step 2 on this page for specific instructions on how to use the MNsure plan comparison tool to calculate an estimated premium for households over 400% FPL.

The image below shows a sample result, with an estimated FPL of 415%.

sample result, with an estimated FPL of 415%.

Step 2: If your FPL is above 400%

Open MNsure’s Plan Comparison Tool and enter the information for your household in all required fields.

  • Do NOT enter income in the Annual Tax Household Income field.
  • Use the Browse Plans button to submit your household information and go to the next screen.
  • Click through the next four screens.
    The optional information entered on these screens helps us sort plans that best meet your needs near the top of the results page, so they are easier for you to find.
    If you do not wish to enter this information, click “Skip to View Plans.”

Follow the instructions in Step 3 below to calculate your estimated premium.

The screen below shows the Annual Tax Household field blank and the location of the Browse Plans button.

leave the annual tax household income field blank and use the Browse Plans button to go to the next screen

Step 3: Calculate your estimated premium 

View your plan results: On the plan results screen, you can view and compare the plans, premiums and benefits available in your area.

Subtract the “monthly estimated financial help” value you got in Step 1 from the monthly premium to determine your estimated monthly cost of coverage.

As an example: 

  • Say the "estimated financial help" value you got in Step 1 from the New Benefits Estimator tool is $200. 
  • The plan you are interested in displays its full premium price as $438.50.
  • Subtracting $200 from $438.50 = $238.50; this is your estimated new lower premium for this particular plan under the new expanded tax credits.

This is the estimated amount of tax credits available to you due to the enhanced subsidy benefits provided under the American Rescue Plan. MNsure is working on making changes in our systems that will make these enhanced credits available to you in advance, so the insurance company you enroll with can deduct them from your monthly premium if you choose. In the meantime, know that any tax credits you are eligible for but not able to collect in advance will be provided to you by way of your tax return. These enhanced benefits are retroactive to your first date of coverage through MNsure in 2021.

The screen below shows the monthly premiums for three plans.

full monthly premiums displayed in plan comparison tool

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