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“Very High Satisfaction” found with MNsure’s Broker Enrollment Center Program

6/3/2016 9:00:00 AM


CONTACT: Shane Delaney 
Director of Communications and Marketing

ST. PAUL, Minn.—A new evaluation of MNsure’s broker enrollment center program by Wakely Consulting Group shows brokers who participate in the program are either satisfied or highly satisfied with their participation, and consumers report increased levels of customer service.

Wakely found very high satisfaction with the program among the broker enrollment centers, as well as evidence that broker enrollment center efforts increased total MNsure enrollment in their service areas.

For example, comparing counties served by broker enrollment centers with a matched set of counties not served by broker enrollment centers, the increase in enrollment from the 2014 open enrollment period to 2016 was 119 percent for intervention counties versus 84 percent for the control group.

"Our broker enrollment center partners are big reason why we exceeded our private plan enrollment goals this year and now have the lowest uninsured rate in state history," said CEO Allison O’Toole. "Brokers know their communities and the people who live there the best. Brokers are benefiting by increasing their business and MNsure is benefiting by increased enrollment. It’s a win-win for both groups."

"Partnering with MNsure to provide professional advice, enrollment and reassurance for thousands of Minnesotans has been a great opportunity for LeClair Group,” said Richard Lett, CEO at LeClair Group. "Our mission to 'make life better for our clients' has been fulfilled by serving our community as they make critical decisions for their family’s wellbeing and health."

The study also concluded that broker enrollment enters provide a valuable resource to consumers by supplementing MNsure's customer service, which can be strained during open enrollment when demand is at its peak. The study finds that working with the broker community allows a marketplace like MNsure to take advantage of a highly trained workforce uniquely suited to assist customers in determining eligibility, establishing online accounts and selecting health plans suited for their needs.

"When I leave my office every day I know that I did my absolute best in helping out our MNsure clients," said Hollie Yeager, broker at American Senior Benefits. "That in itself gives me a great feeling in hoping that I helped a client walk out with a positive MNsure experience. Ultimately we are doing great work."

"MNsure's focus is always on improving the customer experience," said O’Toole. "Our broker partners are able to provide expert assistance at no additional cost to Minnesotans. We're proud of this first-in-the-nation broker enrollment center program and look forward to increasing participation."

Twenty different health insurance agencies located across Minnesota served as MNsure broker enrollment centers during the 2016 open enrollment period and to date have collectively enrolled more than 4,800 Minnesotans into a private health insurance plan.

The selected agencies provide and staff convenient walk-in sites for residents of surrounding communities. Broker enrollment centers also combine marketing efforts with MNsure to encourage Minnesotans to visit the broker during open enrollment.

The 2017 open enrollment period will begin November 1, 2016, and end on January 31, 2017. Small group employers and Minnesotans eligible for Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare can enroll year-round. As of February 2016, 96 percent of Minnesotans have health coverage—the highest percentage in state history.

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